Wednesday, 4 February 2015

How to use Google Webmaster Tools to improve ranking

Google Webmaster Tools is a great tool for webmasters. The unfortunate thing is that most webmasters and bloggers don’t know it. It’s a powerful platform through which you can see into your SEO strategies and improve big time.

In this post, I want to show you a smart way to gather vital information from your Google Webmaster Tools Search Traffic section and push your site up to page 1.

Log on to your GWT account and select the site you want to boost its ranking. What we want to do is get the keyword that brings the most impressions, get the article to which it pulls traffic and optimize it for better ranking.

While in your GWT account, click “Search Traffic” and then “Search Queries“

On the screen that follows as shown on the image above, Click “impressions” to order the entries. The keyword that triggers the highest number of impressions will be pulled up.

To see which page this keyword pulls traffic to, click the keyword. This will also pull out some SEO statistics including the position in search result.

How is this information important ?

You can actually use this information to get the most accurate position of your pages on SERPs linked to specific keywords. This will help in your SEO efforts to rank well for a certain keyword. Depending on the keyword strength and search engine result page, you can measure the amount of work needed to improve the rankings.

If you are on page 2 or 3 and if the keyword competition is not so hard, you can do a couple of things to push it to page 1. If you are on page 1 already, you can do a couple of things to push to pisition.

How to improve ranking of specific page

Now we know the url and the keyword that pulls traffic to it. So it becomes fairly easy to do some tweaking and pull more attention to it. Here are some few ways to boost it up:

1 – Get more social shares on that specific url: Submit it to sites like JustRetweetand EasyRetweet for more retweets, Facebook likes, Google+. These social signals will have a more positive effect on it

2 – Edit the article with more information: This is probably one of the things to do to attract more ranking. Just by adding more insightful content on the article, tweaking the title and description can improve click through.

3 – Do some more backlinking to that page: The more links you get to that page, the better the ranking. You can do more blog commenting linking back to that page. Do more gust posting and grabbing links to that same page. There are more ways you can build more links to that page but I recommend not using the exact keyword as anchor text as this can be deadly.

4 – Add a video on the articles: This is closer to point 2 above but I wanted it separate as it carries more weights. Videos will help it rank better on SERP. Host the video on Youtube, link back to the article.

Time now to go to your GWT and follow these steps to improve ranking and get more traffic from search engines.
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