Sunday, 1 February 2015

Tips to Choose Topics for Your Blog

If you take blogging as your career, it’s important that you must write articles for your readers.If your readers are satisfied with your blog’s quality articles than it’s would be easy to generate traffic and attract more readers to your blog.


Main problem which bloggers face to please their loyal readers, is  selecting topics for blog post. We all come across writer’s block situation and the best solution to overcome this situation is to use mind maps to decide topics for your blog posts. But, there are few factors which you must consider before choosing topic for your blog:

How to Select Topic for Next Blog Post?

You must be confident that what you are writing is good and you are totally satisfied with your article. If you are confident and have knowledge about any specific topic then you can surely give your best to that article. Ask yourself for which kind of topics you get best response from readers? I am sure the answer would be the topics in which you are interested and confident.

This is next part for choosing topic. Doing research before writing any article is very important. Your readers are smart enough, they know that you are providing right information or not. Thus, choose only those topics which interests you and you can do research on that topic.


If you want to write articles for readers then you need to choose topics on which you have good knowledge. Just choosing topics from other blogs and rewriting won’t work. You need to reply to your readers queries and thus it is important that instead of rewriting any article, try to get knowledge about that topic.

Advice and tips

Try to choose topics which can provide your readers tips and advice relevant to your niche. Choose to write topics which can provide lots of information and keep it simple. It would be better if you divide your topic in 2 or 3 different articles and interlink all those articles. This will give you 2-3 different topics to write and your readers will get all tips and advice about that particular topic.

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